Automated Darkness – My first novel.

Novel CoverI have finally dusted off my first couple chapters in this novel and began to work on it again.  I have high hopes to keep pushing until this one is finished.  I have a couple other projects on deck also that I look forward to sharing once they are more mature.

Here’s my early concept blurb:

Life is difficult for V and her Family of families. They scrape out a living always on the dodge from the crushers and the collaborators.

Then a stranger arrives who will shake the very core of their life. They will have to face their own flaws to stand any chance against the perfection that wants to destroy them all.

V must decide between standing by tradition or risking it all to save her people, humanity, and maybe her planet.

I’ll hopefully be adding more info as I get it ready.  Until then, stay tuned to our Facebook page and here for more news.